Get $10 Off Your Next Treatment...

Updated: Jun 30

We have just 2 days left of Idaho Gives - a statewide effort to raise money and awareness for Idaho nonprofits - and there are a couple of ways you can help us reach our goal! This year has been one of the hardest for the clinic and we could use some extra help to continue in our mission to provide quality, accessible community acupuncture for the community. We recognize the power of small contributions to sustain a greater goal - that is exactly how our whole business operates! By making acupuncture affordable for everyday people and giving lots and lots of treatments 7 days a week, we are able to sustain BAC for our patients, and for ourselves as employees of the co-op.

If you are only able to give $5-10, it will still make a huge impact!

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Here's How To Get $10 Off Your Next Treatment With Us: We would love your help in getting the word out about BAC and our Idaho Gives campaign. 1. Between now and May 6th 2021, share our Idaho Gives link ( on your social media account and post a description of how BAC has impacted you. Encourage your followers to learn about us and support us! 2. Take a screenshot of your post and show it to front desk the next time you come in for a treatment to redeem your $10 discount.

Did You Know?

  • BAC is the oldest community acupuncture clinic in the Treasure Valley - we turn 7 this year!

  • We are the only non-profit acupuncture clinic in Idaho.

  • Your acu-punks have given over 6,000 treatments since reopening in June 2020!

We Are So Thankful For Our Community's Support! Since reopening in June 2020:

  • We have had over 40 gallons of isopropyl alcohol donated for our sanitizing needs.

  • Volunteers have donated hundreds of hours cleaning the clinic, washing the laundry, and working the front desk.

  • We’ve received countless donations of disinfecting wipes, hand sanitizer, and precious, precious toilet paper.

  • We have given over 70 community-sponsored treatments to workers heavily impacted by COVID through our Pay-It-Forward Fund.

We feel extremely grateful to be able to provide a welcoming space where people come as they are and are empowered to heal side by side in community. We have heard the sighs (and gentle snores) of relaxation and relief from our community. We've heard the words of gratitude from those who have lost their jobs this year and are still able to afford their acupuncture treatments. We have listened to the community who are stretched to the point of exhaustion and are in need of support for their ailments. We have held the hands of those who were isolated and longing for human touch. And the only reason we are able to show up for community is because community continually shows up for us. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, Your BAC Crew

Donate Here!