Meet Lori! Our Newest Punk!

Lori Peterson is a graduate from POCA Tech Institute! POCA Tech was created to train the next generation of community acupuncturists with the mission of expanding access to affordable acupuncture for everyone! We couldn't be more excited to welcome her to the team.

"I am so looking forward to joining this amazing team of acupuncturists. When I met them over a year ago at a public health conference in Portland, I just knew I wanted to get onboard! I am an avid hiker and lover of the outdoors, but what has long attracted me to Boise is its hot springs. I look forward to multiple adventures up into the hills for some good soaks."

Lori will be working on Fridays starting in August! As we continue to add shifts with Lori over the next three months, our existing schedules will be changing slightly. Sign up for our monthly newsletter to get clinic updates delivered right into your mailbox!

By November, your clinic will be open Monday - Saturday 8am-8pm and Sundays 9am-6pm!