Pay-It-Forward: Workers in Education

Since reopening in June, we haven't been able to offer as many opportunities for discounted or free treatments as we normally do. So, we decided to create a Pay-It-Forward Fund to give community members who have the resources an opportunity to sponsor a treatment for a rotating list of service-industry workers. We acknowledge the mental, emotional, and physical toll healthcare workers, educators, and many more folks in the service industry are experiencing at this time. When you contribute to this Pay-It-Forward Fund, a free treatment goes directly to a local valiant worker showing up to serve the community. Every few months we choose a new service industry field to offer this pay-it-forward fund option.

Join us in supporting our local education workers! When you donate a treatment to our Pay-It-Forward fund this January, we will match your donation by offering a free treatment!

All Are Welcome Here

We welcome people of all genders, sexes, races, colors, incomes, national origins, ages, abilities or disabilities, religions, sizes and shapes, sexual orientations, and political beliefs. We do not ask for ID, insurance or referrals. We are committed to creating a clinic that is welcoming and as safe as possible for our entire community.

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