Your Team

Your acupunks are licensed in the State of Idaho and have passed the NCCAOM board exams. They maintain annual continuing education credits per Idaho Acupuncture Board and are trained in proper needle technique. Your acupunks also have specialized training in treating in a community setting, practicing trauma-informed and culturally appropriate care, and always aim to give effective and empowering healthcare to all.

DaLyn Tolman Greer | Office Manager

DaLyn has been getting acupuncture since 2010 after aggravating a chronic back injury that year. She looked for an alternative natural healing for the pain. Acupuncture did the trick and since then she’s been BAC’s biggest advocate.


"I believe in community acupuncture because plain and simple, it works and it’s affordable."


When DaLyn is not at BAC, she is camping, fishing or boating with her husband of 39 years, their 3 adult children, 2 grandchildren and her dog Sophie.

Gretchen Huettig | Licensed Acupuncturist

Gretchen Huettig has been practicing acupuncture since 2008. Gretchen enjoys being part of the healing process and empowering patients to heal themselves. She appreciates community acupuncture because of what it adds to health.


"Community acupuncture creates an environment of healing that breaks through the isolation of dis-ease and supports each other to achieve our greatest health."


When not needling people, Gretchen can be found running around with her two boys and husband, and often a cat or two. She enjoys the outdoors and connecting with nature.

Stacey Kelsey | Licensed Acupuncturist

Stacey has been an active licensed Acupuncturist since graduating from Oregon College of Oriental Medicine in 2009. She loves being a part of people’s healing paths and assisting them as their body changes. 


"I believe in Community Acupuncture because it allows for more people to receive more relief."


When she’s not acupuncturing people, she’s often talking about acupuncturing people.  Stacey values spending time with friends and family, gardening, outdoors, and community events.

Diane Lozano | Reception

In early 2016, Diane started her journey with acupuncture, when she was trying to relieve pain from a chronic back injury.  She is very glad she decided to give acupuncture a try and wishes she wouldn't have waited until it was almost a last resort to keep from having back surgery.  It was a life changer for her, and she is very grateful she found BAC.  She loves to tell people her story, about BAC and how it changed her life.  Some of the best parts of BAC is the affordability and the amazing people she gets to work with.


"Community acupuncture is a true treasure, from the marvelous PUNKS, our amazing volunteers who give their time so generously, to our awesome patients!  I am grateful to be apart of something so magnificent."


When not working the front desk at BAC she can be found hanging out with her husband and 4 boys (or at their events)!  She loves helping people, spending the day outdoors, crafting, and traveling just to name a few.

Shanell Rodriguez | Licensed Acupuncturist

Se habla espanol!

Shanell has been getting acupuncture since she was a mere teenager. She got quick relief from a chronic foot problem that wasn't being helped by standard treatment. Since then, she's been consistently getting poked and eventually decided to learn how to poke others. 


"I am so grateful to be a part of this community and, with the help of our wonderful patients, be reminded everyday about the power of affordable, holistic health care."


When Shanell's not busy acupunking, you can find her in her garden, biking around town or in the foothills collecting medicinal plants to make magical potions.

Linda Valentine | Reception

Linda is a retired Respiratory Therapist. She is a native to Idaho, living in Boise the past 30 years. Her children and grandchildren are grown and her dream is to hold some great grandchildren soon. 


She gratefully found BAC in 2016.


"I was so excited about the relief from chronic pain that when I saw a sign that they were looking for help I said, sign me up!  It has been a blessed journey falling in love with each of the punks and volunteers."

Linda started working for BAC in 2019 and given the opportunity to coordinate the volunteers along with Diane.  She is so impressed with these ambitious compassionate women who had a dream and created a sanctuary for healing for so many. She is honored to be a part of this team. 

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