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We are sustained by our volunteers

We are able to do what we do because of our volunteers. They are the reason we can offer affordable acupuncture, seven days a week. Our volunteers manage the front desk, wash laundry and clean the clinic. Without their service and dedication, we could not help as many people. We are amazed by the power of community and the people who step up and give their time and energy to Boise Acupuncture Co-op (BAC).

a group of volunteers
group of volunteers sitting around  table for lunch and smiling
front desk receptionist with a scream mask on for halloween
candles arranged on a table in a spiral
front desk receptionist checks in a patient at a desk
a group of people posing as escaped convicts at a escape room business
pink lillys in a vase on a desk next to a wooden birdhouse and a blue glass bird

Get Involved!

If you have had at least 5 treatments with us, love community acupuncture and are interested in joining the team by becoming a volunteer, please Contact us! Check out our open volunteer positions here!

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