Board of Directors

We believe in the importance of equal representation

Each population of BAC has equal power in decision making - our Board consists of an employee representative, patient representatives and volunteer representatives. The Board is a sociocratic, autonomous governing body that meets quarterly to ensure BAC stays true to our mission, vision, and values by overseeing all decisions aside from day-to-day operations. In our effort to be completely transparent with the community, all meeting minutes are open to the public, anyone can attend Board meetings, and anyone can apply for an open position on the Board.

Get Involved!

Board Members serve two-year terms. Each year in January, about half of the Board positions are up for election. Applications are accepted for open board positions at least 2 weeks prior to the meeting. Anyone is welcomed to apply! As a co-op member, you get a vote in Board elections! You can always find the date of our next Board meeting at the end of the latest meeting minutes, in our email newsletters and on our website under BAC News.

Angie Marianthi | President

Angie started her journey with community acupuncture in the spring of 2012 when she was hit with severe seasonal allergies. After two treatments she was feeling not only good as new, but also incredibly inspired. From that point on she has been a dedicated clinic volunteer as well as a community acupuncture enthusiast and advocate.


"I am grateful to the BAC for helping me live a balanced, happy life, and engage in a real way my community. I am endlessly inspired by their unwavering mission to improve the health of their patients and ensure everyone is treated with upmost care and respect."


When Angie is not at a BAC board meeting or volunteering at the front desk, you can find her playing tunes at Boise Music Lessons with her partner, Marcus, hanging out with their two kiddos (both acu-babies!), or scolding her very naughty cat.

Volunteer Representative

Stacey Kelsey | Vice President

Stacey has been an active licensed Acupuncturist since graduating from Oregon College of Oriental Medicine in 2009. She loves being a part of people’s healing paths and assisting them as their body changes. 


"I believe in Community Acupuncture because it allows for more people to receive more relief."


When she’s not acupuncturing people, she’s often talking about acupuncturing people.  Stacey values spending time with friends and family, gardening, outdoors, and community events.

Employee Representative

Sherri Potter | Treasurer

Sherri was originally from CA, but has lived in FL, NC and WV.  She moved to ID in 1993 with her husband Scott and later graduated from BSU with her Bachelor's degree in Accountancy.  Several years later, she attended the University of Phoenix and received her Master's  degree in Information Technology. 

She is a wine drinking, dog mom who loves to golf, fish, read and enjoys spending time with her tribe at Boise Ranch Golf Course.  

Patient Representative

Sara Gourley | Secretary

Sara tried acupuncture in 2006 to help relieve migraines and has been a fan ever since. In 2017 she moved to Boise and discovered BAC. For almost a year she was a regular weekly front desk volunteer and loved seeing the relief and healing acupuncture provided others.

“Everything about BAC and what they provide the community is a gift. I feel honored to be a part of it.”

In her free time, you can find Sara exploring new hiking trails, attempting to landscape her yard, contemplating becoming a knitter, or visiting her family.

Volunteer Representative

Jo Burgoon | Director

Jo believes strongly in the element of community in building a resilient society.  BAC plays such a unique, relevant and needed role in the overall wellbeing of the Treasure Valley.

“I found acupuncture 3 years ago, it was the missing piece to my holistic and functional approach to wellness, I’ve not looked back!”

When she is not helping with BAC Jo is spending time with her husband and young son.  As a family they enjoy snow sports, mountain biking, traveling and laughing.

Patient Representative

Paula Flacker | Director

Paula worked for the only local acupuncturist over 25 years ago in Boise. From there she was hooked for life! When Gretchen and Stacy started practicing in Boise, she became dedicated to the idea of community acupuncture. From there, she has always looked for ways to introduce people to the concept and has been looking for a way to support the Boise Acu-Co-op since its inception. As a small business owner in Boise and health empowerment advocate, the Boise Acu Co-Op encompasses all the values that she believes and lives. She is proud to serve this truly community-driven  organization. 


"The key, in my opinion, to a healthy life is to feel empowered by the choices I make. Having a community acupuncture clinic, that allows people to be pro-active for their own sake, is crucial to living our best lives."


Paula is a 5th generation Idahoan who loves the growth and opportunity that Boise provides. 

Patient Representative

Dan Stewart | Director

Dan is an Idaho native born and raised. Part of his background are in nursing and healthcare. He has an associate's degree in business and is currently a certified personal trainer and fitness coach. He has been the owner of Technique Personal Fitness for the past 10 years and greatly enjoys his work.


"I look forward to serving on the board and being of service to BAC and our community."

Patient Representative

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All Are Welcome Here

We welcome people of all genders, sexes, races, colors, incomes, national origins, ages, abilities or disabilities, religions, sizes and shapes, sexual orientations, and political beliefs. We do not ask for ID, insurance or referrals. We are committed to creating a clinic that is welcoming and as safe as possible for our entire community.

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