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Get Involved!

BAC is more than a clinic, it is a community!

Being a community acupuncture clinic is more than just an arrangement of chairs. It's a relationship with you, our community. We rely on you to support the clinic so we, in turn, can support the health and well being of our community with acupuncture. We hope that you feel part of this community from the minute you walk through the door. As a 501c3 organization, we rely on our community to help with running BAC.

There are many ways to help out so find the one that is right for you!



We rely on volunteers to run the manage the clinic in many ways! These include: being involved in our Board, running the front desk, doing clinic laundry, and cleaning.  To view available volunteer opportunities, click the arrow below!

front desk receptionist on the phone and computer


Give Money

All donations to BAC are tax-deductible. Your donations help us keep our services affordable for all, engage in outreach for those who can't access our services, and provide our employees with a living wage.



Donate Items

BAC appreciates using your gently used items to keep the clinic running smoothly. To learn more about the items we never seem to have enough of, click the arrow below!




Did you have a good experience with BAC? Leave us a review! Tell your loved ones and friends! We can even use your experience to help promote community acupuncture through our media team!



Become a Co-op Member

By becoming a co-op member, you help to support the national movement for affordable community acupuncture via POCA! There are some sweet benefits as well.

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