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Programs & Outreach

Clinic Specials

Throughout the year, your clinic offers monthly specials to make acupuncture even more accessible to the community. Many of these specials also serve as an opportunity to bring awareness to health disparities in the community. Clinic special announcements are always posted in the clinic, sent out in our monthly newsletter, shared on our social media, and posted on the BAC News blog.

Acupuncture for Detox Support

Acupuncture has been used to help support detox since the early 70's in the US. To learn more about this history click here. Your clinic offers discounted treatments for anyone wanting additional support detoxing off addictive substances. To take advantage of this program, speak with your acupuncturist at your next treatment.

Community Supported Treatments

When a need is present, your clinic offers discounted or pro-bono services to patients unable to afford treatment. You can help sponsor treatments for those having financial hardships by donating today.

the face of a middle aged man with mustache and goatee relaxed while getting acupuncture with needles in his head, neck and ear

Center for Global Health & Healing

BAC and St. Alphonsus Center for Global Health and Healing have been partnered since 2020. Together we create opportunities for families and individuals who have resettled within the community to integrate acupuncture as a part of their holistic, trauma-informed and culturally responsive model of care.

Invite BAC to work or speak with you!

We are honored to be a go-to clinic and organization for acupuncture care, education, and advocacy. We love sharing our knowledge and creating relationships with local businesses and organizations that align with our mission. With this being said, running the clinic is a full-time job for our staff; we receive a lot of requests to get involved outside of the clinic and can't say yes to everything. If you are interested in having BAC at your next event or having us prepare a presentation for you, please contact us.

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