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Boise Acupuncture Co-op In 2018

WE DID IT AGAIN! Shattering records left and right!

Collectively our patients have spent 488 FULL DAYS reclining in our chairs- receiving the myriad of benefits acupuncture offers. Isn't that just incredible?! And look at all that money saved by choosing to sleep with strangers.... $949,401!!!

And that's not all!

This year we raised money to get Gretchen and Shanell to Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria to provide trauma-relief acupuncture.

We donated one week of our profit to The Community Center.

We raised money to fund acupuncture treatments for our refugee neighbors.

We welcomed Mara to our BAC family.

This year our volunteer crew grew to 28 dedicated souls.

Your commitment to BAC is the reason we are able to reach so many people in our diverse community. Thanks for choosing community acupuncture, thanks for keeping our recliners full, thanks for spreading your love of acupuncture to 1,248 new people this year.


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