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Winter Is Here

Updated: Jun 28, 2018

January is here in all it’s wintry gory. Something about January makes me want to curl up on the couch, snuggle up to my tea cup, and turn on Netflix. Who’s with me? I know I’m not alone on this one.  But why? Well maybe it’s the let down from all the holiday hype? Oh it’s the weather…. grey sky, rain, snow, cold and fog fog fog. Aannnd it’s dark all the time. Well really it’s all of those things, that’s because it’s winter and your body is responding to the season. So snuggling on the couch sipping some tea might be just what you need. If you’re feeling sick and or exhausted then rest is exactly what you need, and here’s why:

Oh and...

“To have enough of enough is always enough.”

Just a little reminder that while rest is beneficial during the winter (hibernation), you still need to consider moderation. To much couch time can also do harm on your body, (posture, digestion, lack of exercise). This can be balanced out with a bit of daily exercise and stretching.

Here’s to finding time to rest.



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