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Far-Infrared Sauna

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Product Details

Includes about 45 minutes in sauna. You will need a few moments to prep before and finish and exit the sauna room. Please select the sliding scale amount you would like to pay and the quantity of sessions you would like to prepay for at that price.

How do you know what to pay?

  • Sustaining | $25-35 | You are helping to cover BAC's basic costs and keep our doors open.
  • Generating |$35-60| You are providing funding for programs for those who cannot access our services and helping BAC grow!

My Responsibilities:

  • Bring my own towels. We recommend one bath towel to dry off with and one hand towel. If you'd like, bring an extra towel to sit on and absorb sweat
  • Hydrate before, during, and after.
  • Bring sauna wear. We recommend a swimsuit or a robe.
  • Arrive 5 minutes before my scheduled session.
  • Listen to my body. If I experience pain, discomfort, feel light-headed, dizzy, heat exhausted, or unwell I will immediately discontinue and exit the sauna.

BAC's Cancellation Policy: Sessions canceled with less than 12 hours notice, or are missed altogether, are responsible for $25 cancellation fee.

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