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Spreading Love, Not the Virus

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

Spreading Acu-Love

"Oh, I didn't know you guys were open!" This is something we've heard a handful of times in the last month. We wish we had a powerful spotlight (think batman signal) with our bird logo shining bright in the night sky to let our community know we are open, keeping you safe, and ready to help with your stress, anxiety, insomnia, hormones, pain, etc! Can you help us get the word out by sharing our website with someone you know who has been poked at BAC or who you think would be interested in trying it out for the first time? You can even share all the ways we are keeping the community safe while offering our services. We really appreciate you helping us spread the acu-love!


A Fund for Healthcare Workers Are you a healthcare worker feeling the impact of COVID-19 on your physical, mental, and/or emotional health? We invite you to come take a much needed acu-nap for free* at BAC. We are able to offer this thanks to amazing donors who have contributed to our Pay-It-Forward fund! If you would like to donate a treatment to a healthcare worker, you can do so by clicking here! *New patients are still responsible for a $10 intake fee.


Ear Seeds for Mental Health Zine We've put together a zine to offer a simple tool you can use to get relief from the stress, anxiety and emotional trauma impacting our community in these times. In it you will learn a brief history of the points, a visual guide to help you find the points, how to "treat" them, and the benefits of this protocol. Ear seeds are affordable and super easy to find for sale online! For $2.00 you can pick up the zine with a sheet of 60 ear seeds at your next appointment, or you can download the zine and folding instructions to print out at home from our online store.


Share the love  A testimonial about BAC's practices during COVID. "My 9yo son and I just completed our first treatments in the “new” set up. Nothing but impressed. The online prepayment and the phone screen at arrival were convenient and efficient. Sanitizer and masks available if needed. Extremely clean and orderly. The new chairs are as wonderful as the recliners for treatments. My punk practiced exceptional hand hygiene and equipment sanitizing. You could feel her smile behind her mask. My son and I felt completely comfortable and safe. The Virus has not hurt the vibe at the co-op, if anything, the need for community care and the healing it can provide is greater than ever! Awesome Job! Stay diligent!" -Amy, Client, Mom, Registered Nurse


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