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Wanting To Quit? A Special Offer

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

If you want to quit any addictive substance or behavior, we have a special offer for you: 5 treatments for $75
Follow up treatments for quitting/detox/cravings $15

*New patients are still responsible for our one time $10 fee.

Acupuncture is a great tool for quitting any addictive substance or behavior. By taking off the edge it will relieve stress and tension, decrease cravings, and offer support during this difficult transition. Acupuncture is a tool, it is not the cure all. While it makes the process of change manageable, and increase your chances of success, continuing to improve other aspects of your habits and lifestyle is equally important.

Plan on receiving acupuncture daily through the week of your quit date. Because managing stress and your response to triggers is an important part of your quitting process, you may even need 2 weeks of daily treatments. Once your system has settled down you can then begin decrease your treatments frequency.

Addiction treatment frequency looks something like this:

Quit week: Daily treatments for 1-2 weeks

Follow up weeks: 3rd week: 3 treatments, 4th week: 2 treatments, maintenance as needed: 1 treatment/week

During this time we highly suggest you seek out other complimentary addiction services (counseling, group therapy, medications, hypnosis, etc.) If you are not sure what you need to do, we can also help you figure that out and give you referrals.

Start by making an appointment, filling out your paper work, and letting us know you are here for help with addiction. The front desk will orient you to the clinic, and your acupuncturist will give you an acupuncture treatment based off of your needs.

We are here for you!

To read more about the radical history of acupuncture for treating addictions, check out our blog post Acupuncture & The Opioid Epidemic.


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